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what this show is really about

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dramatic slow motion slap while still remaining perfect

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What are you listening to?

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because english time is “oh my god” time

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Lee Howon, the boy who climbs the stairs as fast as Usain Bolt

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BTS jams

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Hello hello~ Since my blog’s anniversary is coming up and I recently reached over 9,200 followers, it’s time for another follow forever!~ Thank you guys for being awesome!! 


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So apparently today is my blog’s 1st birthday and I didn’t even realize it. So I thought I’d make another follow forever since there are so many amazing people who have made my tumblr experience amazing by being amazing friends that I can rely on and also amazing senpais that post the prettiest graphics.

bold : mutuals/friends (hover over your url for a message)

italic : photography/fashion

* : people I consider to be my senpais 

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I - S

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I think I forgot to include a few more people but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I also want to thank all of my followers for being friendly and cute little sunflowers to me.