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hi i’m jingwei. nicknames: jing / jong.
’95 liner. Singapore.
Multifandom. Boy group biased.

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Reasons to love Jung Daehyun: His love for food.


When you and all your friends are really stressed


Expectation vs Reality [B.A.P Ver.]


Bangtan's love interests


@realjonghyun90: The tears held a lot of stories
I was overwhelmed, I was happy, I was sad, and I was sorry
I realized what was really precious when I cried because of something that was different from my ideal and wasn’t greedy for it
It’s gratitude, an apology, and an answer to my own pressure
Thank you to everyone who embraced me even though I didn’t deserve it    
Sorry, I’m nervous and scared about if I’m allowed to receive such a big award even though I’m lacking.
I’m happy.
You always support me no matter what I show you



ryeong9: hello ~ came (back) to Korea ^^ (c)

being the only single person in your group of friends..